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clean carpet

We're known for our highly effective, organic, kid- and pet-friendly approach to cleaning rugs, carpets and upholstered furniture. Whether it's wall-to-wall commercial office carpet or museum-quality Persians, Orientals, specialty pieces and sentimental family heirlooms, our process revives, refreshes, and revamps the lives of your pieces, saving you money in the long run, keeping you and your family healthy and happy.

  • commerical office carpet cleaning - often 4 or more times a year, depending on the traffic
  • normal wear and tear  - Once-yearly cleanings are recommended for most pieces in most situations
  • stubborn stains and odors - wine, gum, ink, lipstick, crayon, blood, coffee, tea
  • pet stains and odors - We utilize an enzyme-based cleaner that destroys the bacteria causing the pet odors. Breaking down and destroying bacteria is the only way to eliminate odors so your pets can't smell where they've gone before. And if you're not sure where the old pet odors emanate from we can find them with a black light.
  • allergen and dust mite-mitigation
  • antique rug cleaning
  • oriental and persian rug cleaning
  • silk rug cleaning
  • viscose rug cleaning
  • stylish carpet squares (like Flor tiles)
  • green rug cleaning

Here's What Customers Are Saying About Our Carpet and Furniture Cleaning

"You exceeded my expectations! Thanks for cleaning my wall to wall white bedroom carpet,  my oriental rug and removing Maxie's dog hair and soil from my sectional sofa." - Residential Client, New York City

"When I told you I was a stickler to detail and fussy to boot, you were patient and understanding and handled my prized collectibles with the utmost care." - Residential Client, Westchester, NY

"My staff and I have been very satisfied with the quality, consistency, and personalized service which you have demonstrated." - Commercial Client, Westchester, NY

"I received many unsolicited compliments from our staff, raving how clean you were able to get their individual carpeted office spaces and cubicles. It's not easy cleaning 25,000 square feet of heavily traffic carpet and floors. Your company was by far the best we ever had." - Commercial Client, New York City

"When it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning, my wife and I make the most of our money by hiring Ms. Green-Clean Rug and Upholstery." - Residential Client, Westchester, NY

"We were so pleased with your services. You were referred to us by a friend of mine.  The cleaner is strong, thorough and trustworthy.  He will help move furniture if needed. The carpets look better than new. There were stains that were set in for years and they are now clear and clean. He came on time, worked in a timely manner and I would recommend his services to a friend or colleague." -Residential Client

Ed has been cleaning carpets and upholstery for 45 years.  Many clients have called him a miracle worker. There is no stain or odor he's not encountered--wine, pet, grease, water. No material -- wool, silk, viscose, suede, or leather -- too challenging for his expert skills and years of experience. If we can't clean it no one can, and we stand behind this claim. Fully licensed and insured, we welcome all commercial and residential clients.