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5 Ways to Better Enjoy your Backyard - Sponsored Post

Your backyard is as much of a living space as any other area of your home, but it is often the most neglected. People do not know how to properly enjoy their backyard, and so it is often left to decay, with muddy tracks to and from washing lines or sheds, limp grass, and very few plants. What most people don't realize is that it is possible to enjoy your backyard, to treat it as part of the house and to really live in it. There are a few ways in which you can transform your backyard and take more pleasure in it.

1) Create an Outer Living Space

Rather than just add a few trees or plants, one way to really enjoy the backyard to its fullest is to turn it into a living space. Add a few comfortable chairs, with cushions to ensure that it is pleasant to sit on them for long periods, and then add tables. More important than that, is to add shade. Use awnings, which are easily attached to the house, or gazebo covers to ensure that the living area is protected from the heat of the sun, or from rain. 

2) Add Water Features

If you want to relax in your garden, and get away from the rat race in your own little Eden, then one thing you will need is a water feature. They have been used for centuries in Oriental landscapes due to the relaxing nature of water moving softly between rocks, or burbling over a drop into a pond below. Make it easy for yourself by placing it on even ground, and avoid over-hanging trees which will make the water dirty. 

3) Add a Fire Pit

More popular now than ever, the fire pit is a great way to get more enjoyment out of your garden. These little areas, either built into a patio, or bought as a furniture piece, will ensure that you can relax in your garden of an evening. With the heat from the pit, and the occasional burst of flame which arouses gasps and laughter, it is not only a great focal point in the garden, but will be a talking point among your friends, too. It is not difficult to find a good fire pit, and as long as it is kept away from plants and flammable items such as gazebo covers, then it should be perfectly safe for you to use. 

4) Fencing and Decking

You could change the way you enjoy your garden by adding decking and fencing to the outside area. You don't have to have wild animals on your doorstep to use fencing, as it is now as much of a garden feature as it is a defense. Traditional gardeners might want the white picket fence, of course, but others might enjoy organic fences, or even ones which have been designed with small holes in the wood, perfect for bees and other hibernating insects.

5) Add Gazebos and Pergolas

Adding a construction such as a gazebo is one way to create something original and attractive in your garden, as well as providing a sheltered spot where you can watch flowers bloom, or see wild animals coming to drink from your pond. The gazebo looks attractive, and it is possible to buy gazebo covers from YescomUSA which can be matched to other features, such as painted woods, chairs or landscape designs.

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