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Many clients impressed by our thorough and detailed transformations of their homes surprise themselves by booking recurring cleaning appointments after our initial visit.

Ms. Green-Clean loves to hear from her clients. Email if you have anything you'd like to share.

"That house cleaning was by far the BEST we've ever had! Everything
sparkles, and all the dusty musty corners we've studiously ignored are
bright and clean and we just love 'em. I can see why you guys got the Best
Of NY! Also, we'd loved to set up another cleaning in a month.

Thanks again, the difference is just so awesome. I can't gush enough :)
-Upper West Side Client

"Let me just tell you how much I appreciate the work and care that you bring to my apartment. I am very happy that I found your company."
-Chelsea Client

"Sara was in today. She is friendly and impresses me as having a genuine desire to clean my home and see that I love it. She did a spectacular job. My house is spit spot and smells like an orange grove."
-Brooklyn Client

"By the way, the house smelled wonderful and it has been lovely to come home to this scent these last few days.  I won't ask you to hold back on the essential oils next time my husband especially likes it."
-Morningside Heights Client

"This is a quite belated thank you for the wonderful service we received from you guys! Our apartment now has a terrific energy."
-East Village Client

"...the apartment has been so clean and aromatic. You even looked after the plants! Thank you."
-Morningside Heights Client

"You did the most amazing job on our kitchen and bathroom. You're great and we had a great time with you."
-Lower East Side Client

"Thank you. The apartment hadn't been lived in for three years so there was tons of dust and then there was so much dust from the painters and the floors being re-done. I can't believe how fresh it smells, how you transformed that antique furniture the last tenants left and just what a good and thorough job you did. You made our move-in bearable."
-Upper West Side Client

"Cori, I don't know how to thank you enough for what you did with our apartment today. You can't overestimate what your "cleaning" has done for me and my husband. You've quite literally changed our lives! I swear."
-Riverdale Client

"Crystal did a good job of cleaning our apartment.  I was particularly pleased with how clean the oven is, and our bathroom tile looks spectacular.  She was very thorough with all this heavy work, no small task...I'm very happy with the quality of work, and my husband and I really like that the apartment was cleaned without the use of heavy soon as we're able I'll definitely be calling you to set something up."
-Inwood Client

"I had someone from ZHC and wasn't very impressed--the person wasn't very into the green-cleaning and just seemed like he was going through motions and didn't really care. You're much better. You really seem to know your stuff, like the aromatherapy and about the environment...You are really great and I will be passing your cards along to friends."
-Upper East Side Client

"My husband and I love coming home from work on days you've been here to clean. It feels like such a treat. Everything smells so great and looks so good. And we love the chocolates you leave for us! Thanks for everything."
-Brooklyn Client