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Re-use Old Pickle Juice, Make Refrigerator Pickles With Kale or Chard Ribs & Stems

I love pickles and usually save old pickle juice to use in homemade salad dressings, marinades, or sauces, but I recently took minimizing food waste to the next level when I decided not to compost the ribs and stems of the kale leaves I'd just made a salad with and instead snapped them in half quickly and submerged them in the juice of two different leftover pickle juices I'd combined (one of them from beet pickles). I can't believe how satisfying and easy it was to economize, conserve and create in the kitchen! It took not more than two minutes to complete the operation. I will wait two weeks before opening and eating.

I also use kale and swiss chard ribs and stems as a crunchy vegetable akin to celery and bokchoy in cooked dishes, and I freeze it, too, to use later in fruit smoothies, but I still become overwhelmed with how much we accumulate over time, and find myself periodically dumping some of the frozen stems in our backyard compost pile to make room in the freezer, so I'm pleased to add one more way to use this healthy vegetable.

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