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Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Easy-Care Washable Blanket

I've coveted Pendleton wool blankets for years, but only recently allowed myself to purchase one of the pricey bed covers when I realized it would be a quick and frugal fix to cold nights in our new house that is without insulation and wrapped in old siding and laden with air holes and old drafty windows, many of them broken.

The Regency wood burning stove insert we ordered before we moved in nearly 3 months ago still has not arrived or been installed into our fireplace (sigh). Insulation, hole-mending, new siding and windows will come within this first year of our tenure--should our coffers provide. But until all of the updating is complete winters will be chilly because I'm keeping our thermostat as close to 60 as we can bare in an effort to minimize our oil usage and bills. A thick wool cardigan has been my house uniform of choice this winter, and the temperatures, as you know, have not been very low. Even so, I've been known to sleep like a pioneer woman, a wool hat pulled down to my ears.

Back to the blanket, which possesses so many recommendable qualities. It's one of the few fine products made in the USA today. And the wool used in the entire Eco-Wise line of home products and clothes wear is, according to Pendleton, "created to leave the lightest impact on the earth. From the sheep to the passes strict standards of sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship."

And if all this do-gooding doesn't do it for you, there is the fact that it's practical--warm and washable. It's also luxurious and soft to the touch, and in an array of colors and patterns it comes in there should be at least one to please everyone's tastes.

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