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Lambswool Dusters - eco-friendly dusting with no chemicals

I've recently added lambswool dusters to my dust-busting arsenal. I used to think that damp dusting with soft cloths was the only way to keep on top of these allergy-triggering particles, but I was given a Wool Shoplambs wool duster recently to try and was pleasantly surprised by how well the furry wand grabbed dust from blinds, shelves, books, and fragile knick-knacks with no water or chemicals. And I liked that the wooden handle allowed me to extend my reach for items and spaces higher up, so I could clean from a lower ladder rung.

Because the natural fatty-based lanolin and scaly structure of the wool fibers are so effective at attracting dust, you will need to clean yours periodically in warm water and a drop of very mild soap. Pat excess water out in a towel, then take it outside to roll between your palms to re-shape. Hang it to dry.

Do keep in mind that the damp method of dusting is still the only way to go if grease or grime is mixed in with the dust. But if you've been keeping your home up regularly, a lambs wool duster is a time-saving, eco-friendly alternative.

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