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Home Decor Recycling, Re-purposing and Up-cycling

I've recently become hooked on Apartment Therapy's website. They house an encyclopedic and ever-growing volume of information related to home decor and design, and heaps of information on food and cooking, and technology. Their take is fun, fresh, and very often GREEN. They're keen on re-purposing, recycling, up-cycling and purchasing used items.

I've been in a nesting mood recently, probably because of the colder weather here in NYC, and have found the site to be a source of great inspiration as I update parts of our uptown, one one-bedroom pre-war apartment.

When I clicked on the site today and saw posts detailing ingenious uses for several household items I knew I had to finally share AThere.

Here're just a few fashionable and fun home decor recycling projects to whet your crafty, frugal, GREEN appetite:

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