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Eco-friendly Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

The classic gifts for Valentine's Day are store-bought flowers, candies, cards and jewelry. Hoping not to sound the killjoy, I'd like to put a green-twist on the holiday giving this season by offering some suggestions for more eco-friendly gift ideas.

  • Give a gift certificate for a home cleaning!
  • Give a gift certificate for a professional massage.
  • Give a gift certificate for a class - art, yoga, music, etc...
  • Cook a special meal (try to use local grown and raised ingredients!)
  • Bake a confection - cake, cupcakes, pie, etc...
  • Write a poem for your sweetie.
  • Buy a book of love sonnets from your local used book store.
  • Make a handmade card from your paper recycling pile. Throw in some of that wrapping paper you save from gifts!
  • Frame a good photo of the two of you happy.
  • Plan a nature walk for the two of you at a local park or garden.
  • If you want to give chocolate make sure it's fair trade and sustainably harvested.
  • If you want to give a bottle of wine make it organic and from a local vineyard.
  • Instead of flowers why not a regionally native plant or tree for the yard!

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