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Composting, Envirocycle Compost Tumbler, Worm Bins & Vermi-composting

This weekend, more than 2 months after moving into our new house, I finally retrieved our envirocyclefrom our old Manhattan apartment building basement and found its new home in our backyard, so it seems an apt time to revisit the important topic of composting.

Most of us now know what a good thing for the earth and our health composting kitchen scraps and yard debris is, but many Americans still don't realize how fun, easy, satisfying, and un-smelly it really is.

I've written about this topic in the past, so in lieu of repeating myself I'll point you to my other entry on composting and the envirocycle, which I love. Of course, if you have the right situation you can also easily and cheaply build your own composting area. There is much information online to gather on how to do this, and perhaps in the future I'll write on it, as well.

There is also the very good option of vermi-composting, or letting red wriggler worms make short shrift of your scraps. Kids--and this adult--love watching this dynamic natural process; It's better than reality television! You can build your own worm bin for the task or purchase a ready-made one, like this great one.

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