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Citra-Solv: One of the Best Eco-friendly All Purpose House Cleaners Out There

As the owner of a successful, green home cleaning business and one who has cleaned hundreds of homes (and counting), I know what's what when it comes to the eco-friendly all purpose cleaners out there these days.

To keep work interesting, I sample and switch cleaners regularly--kind of like we women do with our shampoos and conditioners--and also because I'm always looking for better ones, but I always return to the few trusted commercial solutions I've come to depend on as the core cleaners in my business.

And luckily, green alternatives have become so common place you won't have to look much further than a good, well-stocked grocery or drugstore for the ones I'm gonna tell you about on this blog.

The first one I will share is Citra-Solv, my go-to for really tough grease and old built-up grime. Before singing its many, many praises, though, I should warn strongly that this is some powerful solvent your dealing with here and it is NOT to be used in all situations. For instance, you don't want to use it, or any other acidic product, on your marble, granite, or any stone counter, floor, or surface. Just like acid rain, Citra-Solv will slowly eat away at it, degrading it's quality. So make sure to read the label before using it.

For general cleaning, I use a capful or two in a large bucket of hot water to disinfect and deoderize in the bathroom and kitchen. I use this bucket mixture, plus a full-strength douse of the cleaner right on a metal scrubby, along with a bit of non-abrasive cleanser like Bon Ami, to clean the cooked-on build-up inside of ovens. And I've been known to put a capful or two right into a load of really dirty laundry! It's also great full strength to get the gummy-glue of a label off of a glass container. It's orange oil base is so strong, that many artists use it to clean their paint brushes. And did I mention how fresh and bright a home smells after cleaning with it?

If I were permitted to take only one cleaner with me to a deserted island, Citra-Solv would be the one, hands-down.

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